Our purpose is to bring affordable and reliable internet services to our First Nation communities. Rapid Lynx Telecommunications is a corporation that will have 100% First Nations ownership within 5 years of completing the Broadband Project.


The Broadband Project was established to improve the internet services and enhance the overall quality of life in 5 remote Matawa First Nation communities. The 5 communities that are part of the Broadband Project are: Eabametoong, Marten Falls, Neskantaga, Nibinamik, and Webequie with interconnection at Aroland.

A working group was also formed by representatives of the 6 communities along with Matawa First Nations Management to find ways on how to access affordable high-speed internet for all community members within the remote communities. As a result of identifying the need to build a broadband network to the remote communities, the working group then formed the Rapid Lynx Telecommunications Corporation which will be owned and operated by the Matawa First Nation communities.

There is approximately 810 km of heavily armored fibre optic cable that will be installed 3 feet underground and under water from Aroland to Nibinamik.

With connections from:

  • Aroland to Marten Falls – 222 km
  • Marten Falls to Fort Hope – 162 km
  • Fort Hope to Neskantaga – 166 km
  • Neskantaga to Webequie – 116 km
  • Webequie to Nibinamik – 144 km

Construction with brush and clear cutting began in February 2020.  The installing of the fibre optic cable started in June 2020 and continued until November 2020. The estimated completion date of the Phase 1 Broadband Project is March 2023.