Besides the participating Matawa First Nations,
Rapid Lynx Telecommunications works with the following:


Broadband consulting company assisting with coordination of project

Clearcable is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm focused on building and maintaining broadband networks of all sizes across the country. Clearcable is founded on the principles of integrity, reliability, and innovation and has invested heavily in being able to help cable operators, telephone companies, municipal networks, and First Nations adopt new technology quickly by delivering the technical expertise, research and development, operational experience, an in-house development team, and specialized services for a broad range of telecommunications deployments. Clearcable operates robust networks and provides assessment and strategy consulting, complex network architecture, high-level design, technical auditing, logical and physical design, implementation and network deployments, project management, training, and ongoing network management and support services. Clearcable is proud to support the RapidLynx Network.