• Broadband Working Group formed by Matawa First Nations Management (MFNM) and its leadership


  • Feasibility Study conducted and finished


  • Business planning completed
  • 2 million plus granted from INAC (now Indigenous Services Canada) to conduct a detailed engineering design for fibre-optic network connection to the remote communities
  • Application submitted to Inovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) Connect to Innovate Program (CTI) and to Ontario’s Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (MENDM)
  • The Ministries conducted pre-award due diligence in June 2017 and requested additional information and revisions to Matawa First Nations Management’s business plan
  • The Ministries announced grant awards to MFNM in October


  • Fibre-optic cable pricing quotations gathered


  • Contribution agreements between MFNM and CTI and MENDM finalized
  • Proposal bids
  • Final orders placed for fibre-optic cable
  • MFNM entered into an agreement with Working Warriors in late 2019 to recruit and provide readiness training for jobs for members of the Matawa First Nations during construction of the long-haul network


  • Permitting completed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Construction commenced on February 2020
  • Pandemic Plan submitted by construction contractor in June 2020
  • Long-haul construction expected to be completed up to Eabametoong First Nation by November


  • Long-haul construction expected to be completed to Nibinamik First Nation
  • Application submitted for Phase II to Ontario’s MWNDM (in 2 stages in 2020 and 2021) and to ISED’s Universal Broadband Fund (applied in 2 stages in 2020 and 2021)